Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Push Presents

The concept of push presents is an interesting one. Some find them off-putting and see them as a commercialization and cheapening of the miracle of birth. While I understand that viewpoint, I like the sentiment of the push present.
I don't think of it as some sort of reward for delivering a baby, it's more of something to always remind me of the birth of my child, a sentimental memento of that special day.
For this reason I'm not a fan of pricey baubles - it shouldn't be about how much you spent in something like this. It's the thought, and meaning, that counts.

In my hypothetical search for the perfect push present, I've created a wish list of what I think are great ideas for the ideal "mama gift":

Stacking Birthstone Rings

Stacking Birthstone Rings - These reasonably priced rings (starting at $40) are a subtle and understated way to wear your babies birthstone. These delicate rings look lovely stacked, so you can add to your collection as you add to your family.

Baby Keepsake Kit - This beautiful kit captures babies first month with a 4x6 photo and a handprint and footprint in plaster. This simple kit comes in several colors of matting and frames, and is available at RedEnvelope for $59.95

Willow Tree Figurine - This beautiful carved figurine representing a new family comes in several variations, and is a beautiful memento of your newly formed family. You can find it at Amazon for just $23.95

Colleen Berg Heart Print Necklace

Thumbprint Pendant - This beautiful one-of-a-kind silver pendant necklace is personalized with your child's name and etched itty-bitty fingerprint (they send you a fingerprint kit), and you can even add your baby's birth date to the back. (170.00 at

Framed Art - If art is something you enjoy, a framed piece of art is a beautiful sentimental memento. There are thousands of pieces to choose from, but this particular piece "Cassat's Mother and Child", is available framed on Amazon for $24.95

Languages of Mom Ring - This gorgeous sterling silver ring is etched with the word "Mom" in 32 languages. What a beautiful tribute to the universal language of a mother's love. Languages include: American English, French, Danish, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Catalan, Swedish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Czech, Hebrew, Greek, English, Arabic, Esperanto, Urdu, Spanish, Serb, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Swahili, Hindi, Latin, Estonian, Polish, Dutch, Tibetan, Irish Gaelic, and Italian. This ring is available at RedEnvelope for $99.95

Have you received a push present? If you are pregnant, do you have any ideas for other wonderful push presents?

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